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Support your favorite artist by purchasing his/her latest album, merchandising or concert tickets, and get a unique collectible with exciting benefits

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Free platform

By supporting your artist through the purchase of physical items, you earn the right to retrieve a collectible completely free of charge.

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Exclusive content

Concert tickets, never-before-seen videos, merchandising and many other surprises… associated with the collectibles of your preferred artists.

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1 code = 1 collectible

Get a unique, permanent code, activate it on Ampy and instantly convert it into an exceptional digital twin.

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Yours forever

Once you have used the code and picked up your collectible, the item is yours forever. The same goes for the attached rewards.

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Support an artist
Buy merchandising, an album or attend one of his or her concerts to receive a code.
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Retrieve your collectible
Use your code to obtain a digital collector's item and be recognized as a fan.
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Enjoy your rewards
Your collectibles do not come on their own and are accompanied by amazing benefits.

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