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Exclusive content

Accessible only by owning the linked collectible. Merchandising, songs, free concerts… There will be something for everyone. Only for you.

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A free platform

By supporting your artist, you obtain the right to recover your collectible, completely free of charge.

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A code, a collectible

Get a one-time and permanent code, activate it on ampy and get an exclusive collectible linked to the artist.

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Keep your collectible for ever

Once the code is used and the collectible is collected, it will be yours forever. Its related advantages too. But it is up to you to resell it or not.

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Activate your code
Receive a code by supporting your favorite artists and activate it to begin your Ampy journey
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Get your collectible
By obtaining your collectibles, affirm your status as a super-fan and be recognized as such
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Get many rewards
Via your collectible you can obtain concert tickets, merchandise, exclusive music, meetings with your favorite artists and much more…

How to enjoy my content?

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Reward the artists,
At fair value.

Music is the most important art in our lives, but it is also the least valued. It's time for change.


A new way to own…
And collect

By reforming music ownership, owning will never have the same meaning again. Who has never wanted a collection of eternal memories?


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